Wajid Hussain

Wajid Hussain
The Poemer UK
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I am a poet & artist with an engineering background living in Newcastle Upon Tyne. I am fascinated by the uncanny ability both the spoken and written word can have on us. As an English Poet, I also draw inspiration and influence from the Urdu language and particularly from the works of Wilfred Owen and Alama Iqbal. Their impact urges me to make my creative mark with words, and explore my own stories for the page and performance.

The Valley of the Living.
With burning torches and dreams light upon our backs,
onto the trodden path, into that night we went.

Holding fire, imagining the promise reaching our feet,
we followed the voices that laughed and shaped us, tugging our hearts.

No rain to soothe us, no moment came for dew to form.
We yearned to unfurl our dreams, to catch the breeze and light up our sky.

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