Waterloo Press is run collectively by:

Co-Founder, Director & Editor-in-Chief: Simon Jenner
Editor: John O’Donoghue
Drama Consultant: Carole Bremson
Design Consultant: Phil Ruthen
Marketing Consultant: Gareth Strachan
Co-founder: Sonja Ctrvtecka

Former Consultants:
Editor & LIT UP Co-ordinator: Naomi Foyle (2010-2023)
Editor, Mentor & LIT UP Co-ordinator: Monika-Akila Richards (2019-2021)
Editor & Design Consultant: David Pollard (2010-2022)

To subscribe to our irregular email newsletter, please email us. For any other inquiry, please contact us either directly by post or email. Please note that we are all part-time, so there may be a delay in replying.

PLEASE NOTE ALSO: DUE TO SHORT STAFF AND HEALTH ISSUES, WP is only posting orders once a week. Thank you for your understanding and patience. If you experience a delay longer than 10 working days, please email us at <info@waterloopress.co.uk>. Keep safe and stay well.

Waterloo Press
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