Waterloo Press is run collectively by:

Co-Founder, Director & Editor-in-Chief: Simon Jenner
Manager, Editor & LIT UP Co-ordinator: Naomi Foyle
Editor & LIT UP Co-ordinator: Monika-Akila Richards
Editor & Design Consultant: David Pollard
Editor: John O’Donoghue
Drama Consultant: Carole Bremson
Design Consultant: Phil Ruthen
Marketing Consultant: Gareth Strachan
Co-founder: Sonja Ctrvtecka

To subscribe to our quarterly email newsletter, please email us. For any other inquiry, please contact us either directly by post or email. Please note that we are all part-time, so there may be a delay in replying. We aim to fulfill all orders within a week.

Waterloo Press
95 Wick Hall
Furze Hill
East Sussex