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SALE! WP announces …


Until midnight Dec 19th, all book orders on the Waterloo Press website will be eligible for one of the following sales:


With every order worth £10 and over, choose a free title* from the following list:

Armadillo Basket by Helen Buckingham
Micrographia by Robert Dickinson
The Odysseus Poems by Judith Kazantzis
Bright, Dusky, Bright by Eeva-Liisa Manner, translated by Emily Jeremiah
Skying by Steven Matthews
the waltz in my blood by Mario Petrucci
Black Russian by Jeremy Reed
West End Survival Kit by Jeremy Reed
Fifteen Exits by Simon Smith
Gratitude on the Coast of Death by David Swann

With every order of a Waterloo Slim or Winstanley by Simon Jenner (£7- £8), choose a free title from this list:

No Enemy but Time by Naomi Foyle
Conjurer of Nights by Prakash Kona
The Stars Inside by Ayala Kingsley
Waterloo Samplers 5 and 11 by Martin Jack and Lee Wilson

To access the BUY ONE GET ONE FREE sale, please order both titles, then at the checkout use the voucher code:

BOGOF10 (for books)
BOGOF7 (for Waterloo Slims)
BOGOF650 (for the 2 Waterloo Samplers)
You will be charged for the bulk postage, but the sale book/s will be free.


With every order of two titles (minimum total of £20) choose a free book worth up to £12 from our shop.

To access the BUY TWO GET ONE FREE sale, please order all three books, then use the appropriate voucher code at the checkout:

BUTGOF7 (for £7 titles)
BUTGOF8 (for £8 titles)
BUTGOF9 (for £9 titles)
BUTGOF10 (for £10 titles)
BUTGOF12 (for £12 titles)

You will be charged for the bulk postage, but the sale book will be free.

*while stocks last

PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO THE COVID-19 CRISIS, WP is only posting orders once a week. This is to protect the health of the staff member involved. Thank you for your understanding and patience. If you experience a delay longer than 10 (UK) or 15 (INT’L) working days, please email us at <>. Keep safe and stay well.