Peter Street

Peter Street, born in Wigan 1948 is a national and international poet with three major collections to his name. He has performed his poetry in places like, The Cornerhouse, Manchester, Wigan Pier, Bolton Octagon, Piazza, Covent Garden, Civic Centre Carlisle, plus hundreds of pubs and clubs up and down the country.

ITV made a twelve minute Remembrance Sunday Special about his time as a poet in 1993 during the Bosnian/Croat conflict. He has also been seen on Zoom TV Rundfunk, Munich, Germany. and Nederlandse Programma Stichting ( N.P.S. Holland ) The Wall Street Journal described him as being ‘Like A Medieval Wandering Minstrel, He’s Bringing His Art To The People’.

His poems have also been broadcast on the BBC World Service. He was poet in residence for BBC G.M.R. “Who Cares”. He won the National Poetry Societies “Fish and Chips” Placement Last year and wrote a series of poems for the highly successful Tony Bevan Catalogue.

He is the recent recipient of a Royal Literary Fund grant and has been writer in residence in numerous schools, colleges and prisons such as The International Youth Camp, England.

He is a qualified youth worker and has also worked as a chef in his own Mediterranean cafe. He has also worked as a forester, gravedigger and exhumer.

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