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This is the posthumous collection of the vibrant, and incomparably original Debo Thomas.

We, the friends and family of Debo Thomas, hope you enjoy this book. To those of us who knew her, just reading these poems will conjure memories of the mother, daughter, sister, lover and friend that she was. For those that didn’t we know that her sharp insight and witty observations will have you wishing, like us, that she was still around.

It is a mark of her impact on her peers that so many have been instrumental in seeing this book published and we would particularly like to thank: Jackie Blackwell, Sonja Ctvrtecka, Tristan Green, Simon Jenner, David Kendall, Johan and Lorraine Sitzia, QueenSpark Books and to all at Club 94.

For someone so devoted to her art, and developing her creativity, this book is both a fitting memorial to, and a wonderful celebration of, her life. Like she would have, we hope you savour it to the full.

This book is, of course, dedicated to her children: Douglas and Matilda.

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