Bridget Whelan

Salt & Vinegar


Edited by Bridget Whelan

for the Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project

This anthology of life writing, co-produced by Brighton Unemployed Centre, made the national press before it was printed. Blake Morrison, writing in the Guardian, called it ‘a gust of fresh sea air’.


Praise and Poems

Blake Morrison, author of When Did You Last See Your Father? has called Salt & Vinegar ‘a gust of fresh sea air’ and the BBC Radio Four presenter James Naughtie was equally unequivocal. ‘There should be much more of this’

The Salt and Vinegar book launch at the Jubilee Library in Brighton went fantastically well and WP are very pleased to have been involved in this project

To read the Guardian article ‘Tales of the unexpected’, Wednesday 2 January 2008 by Blake Morrison please click here

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