Prakash Kona

Prakash Kona (b. 14 July, 1967) is an Indian novelist, essayist, poet and theorist. He completed his doctoral studies with a comparative study of Chomsky, Derrida and Wittgenstein at the University of Mississippi. He lives in Hyderbad, India, where he is an Associate Professor at the Department of English Literature at the English and Foreign Languages University.

Kona is the author of Nunc Stans (nonfiction; 2009), the novels Pearls of an Unstrung Necklace (New York, 2005) and the experimental Streets that Smell of Dying Roses (New York, 2003), and the poetry collection Words on Lips of a Stranger (Writer’s Workshop, Calcutta, 2006).

His areas of interest include Marxism (with emphasis on Gramsci and Rosa Luxemburg), the history of Anarchism, avant-garde poetry, Third World Resistance writing, autobiography as a form of fiction, peasant cultures, Eastern and Western Philosophy, Feminist theory, working class and marginalised subcultures, revolutionary art forms, and polemical cinema.

Kona’s polemics, prose and cinematic monographs have appeared in The Recusant, Countercurrents, Offscreen, Bright Lights Film Journal and
the Mad Hatter’s Review. He is a regular contributor to The Sociological Imagination (

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