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WP seeks Freelance Literary Marketers

In preparation for the launch of our new Cooperative Publishing Model, Waterloo Press is aiming to build up a bank of experienced literary marketers: people who can read a book of poetry or fiction and discuss it with enthusiasm and insight; who can engage in a friendly and professional manner with the writer, and with their help promote the book on social media and to literary journals and wider cultural networks. We therefore seek CVs from experienced literary marketers; and a covering letter to address the following points:

~ your experience at using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
~ any other social media platforms you use
~ your literary contacts, including festivals
~ evidence of past success
~ any particular target markets/demographics
~ testimonials from previous clients
~ a quote for your services, including time frame

We understand that different marketers have different strengths, and the idea is to place our writers with the most suitable person for their book. The marketer would have access to WP social media platforms – currently we use Facebook, but we would open up Instagram and Twitter to marketers.

If this is you, please get in touch. And do spread the word! We can be reached at