Simon Jenner

Wrong Evenings (2011)


Simon Jenner’s second collection bursts with the linguistic brilliance and intensely prismed spectrum of themes that made his first volume, About Bloody Time, so memorable and praised by writers as diverse as Peter Porter, Robert Nye, Andrew Duncan and Jeremy Reed. Jenner‘s latest work runs harrowingly clear of his brio, registering minute constellations of grief and throws of humour.

Wrong Evenings confirms Jenner’s late arrival to disturb the settled possession of things with his newer possession of urban dystopian, histories refracted by legend, arcane and contemporary culture clashing brilliantly. But also witness to suicide, social and personal breakdowns, family histories pulled out like mandrakes and outrageous literary impersonations. The already noted coruscating metaphors bite as one reviewer put it, like phantom nerves at his father’s absent leg. Behind tragedies lurk humour. Where everything is rightly as it shouldn’t be.

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Praise and Poems

Of course, this is ‘difficult’ or ‘modern’ poetry. I believe, however, that the world will catch up with it. This little review is to let you have advance warning so that later on you will be able to say ‘I told you so’
Tears in the Fence (51)

on Pessoa: A Vision
The poetry… is excellent. Jenner has an ability to draw the reader in at once… really, really worthwhile. Not being familiar with Jenner’s own work (though this is his work!) ‘writing as himself’, not as the fictive imagination of Pessoa, I feel compelled to finding more… Highly recommended
Andrew Taylor, The Journal 29

It is its own inner-vision, and one that rewards re-reading… a highly distinctive, accomplished collection, light years away from the prosaic hinterlands of today’s mainstream
Alan Morrison, the Recusant

Poetry to be read aloud, and heard – a rewarding and beautiful collection. Rhythmic, musical, and precisely crafted… which open on the senses but will continue to play with the mind… There is death, suicide even, and yet this is a joyous collection, in love with language. Daringly, provocatively and damningly funny. So here is a poet, unashamedly intellectual, difficult, modern… unafraid of fun, who is witty, structured, and does not run from pun or rhyme should the occasion demand it. A virtuoso. He has courage. Be brave. Read him. You will not regret it.
Beth McDonagh, Dundee University Review of the Arts

As with so much in this absorbing book, the title opens onto other, more painful and more puzzling perspectives. Touch and taste, history and healing, are thematic in Jenner’s poetry, which is ultimately about (im)mortality and bloody Time itself.
James Keery, PN Review (193)

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