Ayala Kingsley

The Stars Inside (2012)


Every stanza, every line is perfectly shaped—driven forward with intelligence, control and wit, producing an endless flow of images that startle and persuade.
Len Rix—2006 Oxford-Weidenfeld
Translation Prize Winner

Of ‘Unoriginal Sin’:
This resolute and aware monologue describes a failure of love and the persistence of exclusion and anti-semitism. The opening passage, a choosing and reliving of one life out of the millions recorded in the Holocaust Museum in Washington, is searingly given.
Penelope Shuttle

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Praise and Poems

There are faint echoes of poets such as Kathleen Raine and Amy Clampitt; but Kingsley’s restlessly explorative, intuitive verse promises to ripen into a distinction all her own.

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Water dancer/Eurydice

for Jeannie

In a white dress, vase for one barbed flower,
she floats moon-fingered, drifting,
a medusa in transparent skirts
or a narwhal beneath the split sea surface,
impaled on her own horn.

In a petticoat of an unstudied red,
frilled, gill-pleated—the flounced mantle
of the sea-slug ‘Spanish Dancer’;
or the silk within torn silk of rosebuds,
or the blood behind her eyelids.

In a black gown sharp as a blade,
long as an afternoon spent sleeping—
waking to shadows and low tide;
a crack through which slip all entreaties,
a rain of basalt fragments.

She moves with tones and undercurrents,
fault-lines, and the shifting cave light;
intermediary, instrument, instar,
brittle and yielding as a periwinkle,
cupping the rumour of oceans.

Water fills her ears. Faster than through air,
sound weaves past, shudders, scatters,
like something incompletely fashioned,
or some too-late reminder.
She longs for the ribbon of music
to wrap around her waist,
to tangle in her hair.

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