Tamara Kamenszain

The Echo of My Mother / El eco de mi madre (2012)


The Echo of My Mother is a unique book; from its very title, which reminds us of the remnant, of what is left of the person who’s departing, the voice that’s already an echo and merges with silence, invites us, however, to “listen to what she’s not saying”. Tamara’s poetry regains the wonder and the vertigo at what’s dying like no other text.
Sylvia Molloy

Work published within the framework of ‘Sur’ Translation Support Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship of the Argentine Republic.

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Praise and Poems

Tamara Kamenszain’s 2010 collection El eco de mi madre / The Echo of My Mother manages to bring together, in an admirably lucid and precise language, moments, images, remnants, voices (hence the ‘echo’), phrases of a language distorted first by Alzheimer’s, and later by death.

Highly praised by the critics in its native Argentina, in November 2011 it was awarded the prestigious ‘Lira de Oro’ prize in the Festival de la Lira (Ecuador) for the best volume of Latin American poetry published in 2010. This is one of Kamenszain’s finest achievements and it places her as one of the most important poets to emerge from Latin America over the past few decades.

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