Protect & Survive: Nine Monologues (2019)


Curated by Simon Moorhead for The Other 1% podcast channel, nine monologues from the end of the world . . . Protect & Survive is a fictional story. Our writers have used their imaginations to tell stories of what might happen if the cold war nuclear threat became reality. The stories are set in Brighton, one of the five places in Britain that is supposedly not a target for a nuclear strike.


Day Zero minus 1 by Jonathan Williamson
Day Zero by Colin Brake 11
Day Zero plus 7 by Gareth Strachan
Day Zero plus 12 by Robert Cohen
Day Zero plus 21 by Alexander Lynch
Day Zero plus 121 by Simon Jenner
Day Zero plus 300 by Jonathan Williamson
Day Zero plus 4,380 by Simon Jenner
Day Zero plus 1,000 years by Simon Jenner

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About The Other 1% Podcast Channel

The Other 1% launched in Brighton on 23rd July 2018. To date, our global audience has grown from zero to over 60,000 listens.

Our podcast was conceived with the aim of promoting local actors and writers to a global audience. Initially, the writers brief was for original stories based upon true accounts (allegedly) of the paranormal. In November, to expand the brief and offer writers more creative freedom, we changed this to ‘Stories with Attitude’ for mature listeners.

The Other 1% is for listeners who want smart, edgy, contemporary fiction that challenges expected convention. Psychologically intense and provocative audio drama that we too want to listen to. Vertigo Comics for listeners!

The stories are single or multi-episode full cast audio dramas and dramatic monologues. We have also experimented with telling stories through multiple viewpoints.

In 2019, The Other % will give opportunities to more creatives from all backgrounds, especially those under-represented, to gain experience and professional credits for their CVs, whilst continuing to give experienced writers and actors a chance to tell stories not normally commissioned on traditional platforms.

The Other 1% has had an exceptional first 6 months, commissioning 55 scripts and publishing 32 episodes.

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