Mori Ponsowy

Enemies Outside / Enemigos Afuera (2010)


Translated by Mori Ponsowy and Naomi Foyle

Ponsowy’s wide-ranging references weave generosity and pain into vivid poems that question the nature of love, family, sanity, science, art and history… these poems search for cause and effect, for an explanation of both our quotidian and profound experience, from the origins of a son’s sleeping habits to the nature of DNA, and the mystic experience of Sufi meditation. This moving and original work questions the tragic and hopeful perceptions of the imagination.
Stephanie Norgate

Mori Ponsowy´s striking poetry simultaneously grazes the common ground of our mortality, and rises or sinks into the paradoxes of life as a moral act. In her poetry natural forces don’t abandon the sacred, and scientific proof doesn’t repudiate nostalgia. Here, narrative construction serves emotional clarity, decanted in a lilting syntax, full of intuitions and revelations beginning with the crucial fact that one life expresses every life: something only poetry can give account of. This is her author´s signature.
Joaquín Marta Sosa

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