Néstor Ponce

Disappearance without absence / Desapariencia no engaña (2017)


Translated by Max Ubelaker Andrade

Néstor Ponce’s Desapariencia no engaña (2010) inhabits the contradictions of presence and absence, imagination and memory. Its thirty-seven poems are testaments to the voices of those who were kidnapped, tortured and targeted for death and erasure in the concentration camps of Argentina’s 1976-1983 military junta. The book has been nationally recognised with the production of a ten thousand copy edition for distribution by the Ministry of Education to all of the nation’s schools and libraries. Disappearance without absence (2017) is the first English translation of Ponce’s landmark book. Sensitive renderings by Max Ubelaker Andrade allow the text to extend its reach beyond the boundaries of Argentina, Spain and Latin America, giving new readers the opportunity to encounter these poems and share in their unflinching witness to the harrowing complexities of violence, strength, memory and justice.

Work published within the framework of ‘Sur’ Translation Support Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship of the Argentine Republic.

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Praise and Poems

Twenty-seven years after the fall of the dictatorship in Argentina (1976-1983), Néstor Ponce defies space and time to return to the tragic moment in history, using his pen in the service of memory.         – Orianne Guy

… Ponce’s poetry shows the tension in appearance/disappearance through illustrative sequences that lead to moments of discovery, occlusion, secrecy, and emptiness, to masks and blackwater . . .        – Mirian Pino

The Hood

                                                      Concentration camp
                                                      Club Atlético, 1980, May

Razor / of the calendar
suspended on its edge
I wander on the crest of the wave
was there once
a city a street or little boat?
dog wolf or lily?

inside the hood
breathes a scream

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