Jeremy Reed

Black Russian


Out-Takes from the Airmen’s Club 1978-9 (2011)

After twenty-five years of reading Reed, with greater or lesser amazement, I realised on reading these recovered typescripts that here was his masterpiece: the mighty ‘Junky Tango Outside Boots Piccadilly’. Such a sense of purpose and such delicacy in revealing a world of feeling were never before combined. This work has been hidden from its origin in 1978 until now. The history of this occlusion is impossible to know, hidden beneath the incessant intrigues, passions, chills, flurries, losses, austerities, excesses and compromises of the poetry world. Hidden too behind a score of other projects. These poems have rested unseen for twenty-eight years. The earth has grown sicker and hotter and their time has come.
from the Introduction by Andrew Duncan

Review in Fiend

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Praise and Poems

Jeremy Reed’s talent is almost extraterrestrial in its brilliance. He is Rimbaud reconfigured as the Man who fell to Earth… Imagining the future is difficult enough, but Reed has tackled an even harder task, imagining the present. …This visionary present is Jeremy’s true domain. No other poet (and very few novelists) has so accurately conveyed the essence of what it is to be alive today and in full command of a free and active imagination.
JG Ballard

The most talented poet of his generation
David Gascoigne

A remarkable lyric gift
David Lodge

Reed’s poetry is full of rich and careful writing, dense with pleasure in the world and wakens us to its beautiful surprises
Seamus Heaney

…the most prolific and consistently excellent poet currently working in Britain.
Steve Spence, Stride

Reed’s poetic development, when addressed, will be fascinating. Already lauded by Kathleen Raine, David Gascoyne and Seamus Heaney, among others, Reed’s latest volumes have confirmed an extraordinary dovetailing of themes from the 1970s and 1980s with more recent work.
Simon Jenner, Angel Exhaust (quoted in Conductors of Chaos) 

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