Helen Buckingham

Armadillo Basket (2011)


Helen’s poetic strengths lie in her killer lines and honest dissection of her life. From haiku poetry and haiku prose, to tanka and longer poetry, she flicks on the green light in us. Read her for modern one line haiku – that point of white before christ muscles in – to tanka that doesn’t relax into clichéd dreams of love, but our fears of losing . . .

  out on life:
  counting stars
  in lieu of sheep
  not daring to blink
  for fear of missing
  one leap

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Praise and Poems

Helen has another strength in her humour: you will find the most hilarious story, set in haibun form, that highlights cultural differences, via tales of the most dramatic American legends being confused with British TV series The Prisoner, set in a small Welsh village. The mood changes with her ‘Summer is a Hospital’ which reveals the vulnerability in Helen’s formative years, with killer lines: bikini-line nerves… with some fumbling kid… to check into Summer. Strangely this is her most comfortable place as a writer: letting us know she’s been there too; and made mistakes alongside the best of us: that we’re simply not alone in doing this.

Alan Summers, (Embassy of Japan’s roving Japan-UK haiku poet-in-residence)

Helen can do it all.
Saša Važić (Simply Haiku, co-owner and co-editor)

We all have our ‘armour’ but Buckingham has raised her visor to allow us a glimpse into her life. Pain or pleasure — whatever you find in Armadillo Basket —it is all part of Buckingham and the hard outer protects the softer inner. With this collection she is certainly ‘Moving On Up’.
Colin Stewart Jones (Notes from the Gean, Managing Editor)


Prune Juice review by Liam Wilkinson, Aug 2011


Honourable Mention in the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Award 2011:

pink dusk–
a cherry petal hovers
over the cow pat

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