Nick Burbridge

All Kinds of Disorder – Waterloo Sampler 13 (2005)


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Praise and Poems

A collection full of richness and variety – the poems are life-affirming and unafraid

Strong and clipped verse with a striking undercurrent

Frank and uncompromising

An unflinching journey through some of the grim realities of everyday life – Nick Burbridge is obviously a man of great human compassion
A Riot of Emotions

I’m one for ‘the line’, that striking phrase which marks the peak of a poem, and Burbridge’s work frequently delivers the goods: ‘Among dark flights the marrow of this old house stretches’ (‘The One Turning the Other Way’) and ‘Involvement begins with a steep roll in the gut’ (‘Shrink’) both stick in my mind particularly. Burbridge allies this imagistic skill with important social subjects deserving our attention. A good modern poet who’s not afraid to be poetic
Alan Morrison

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