Simon Jenner

About Bloody Time (2007)


Simon Jenner’s originality, long hived away, has finally reached book form. His high-impact yet elegiac language, metaphysical wit, and refusal to come off the tightrope between modernism and recognizable states like emotion, have made him, like some few of his contemporaries, very hard to categorize. His eschewing the suppression of conflicting states in his poetry has disturbing resonances, and unexpected comic epiphanies – like the funereal focus on his father’s tin leg. Comedy becomes elegiac, tragedy a sad farce. But the sheer difference of his poetry is unforgettable.

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‘As Far as Dimming’, PN Review 193, May-June 2010 by James Keery

‘Polymath Qualities’, Stride review 2009 by Steve Spence

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Praise and Poems

Voted one of the Guardian reader’s Books of the Year, 2007

As with so much in this absorbing book, the title opens onto other, more painful and more puzzling perspectives. Touch and taste, history and healing, are thematic in Jenner’s poetry, which is ultimately about (im)mortality and bloody Time itself
James Keery, PN Review (193)

About Bloody Time is brilliant, full of tactical love of language, attractively drawn to events and arts as well as to the terrible obligations of pastoral and ethical. Best point is that page after page there are things I’m glad I’ve encountered and almost as frequently signs emerge which are new to me and happily met.
Peter Porter

Rich and complex. For me there are essentially two kinds of ‘difficult poetry’—material I find worth engaging with…and that which I don’t. Jenner’s work is very clearly in the first category
Steve Spence, Stride

‘Xenakis’, for instance, is a classic
Andrew Duncan

There is genius in this poetry
Martin Seymour-Smith

‘Schoenberg’s System’ is a concise, imaginative and completely true poem… In a thoroughly admirable way, this work is miles from the prevailing styles admired in this country at the moment… It’s hard to guess which poets have been an influence… There’s some very good poetry here
Peter Porter

Simon Jenner is a serious and witty writer. His work is difficult but rewards close attention… There may well be a considerable new poet on the horizon. In my opinion, his best work is yet to come.
Robert Nye

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