Alan Morrison

A Tapestry of Absent Sitters (2009)


Staggeringly marvellous. This book has all that poetry needs: the voice, the rhythm, the passion. Absolutely fantastic.
 Barry Tebb

A Tapestry of Absent Sitters is an advance on The Mansion Gardens. It is, like its predecessor, full of what I’ve come to regard as ‘Alan Morrison-ism’ – certain verbal characteristics, certain ways of using language in a very personal way.
Norman Buller

 ‘A Stone’s Throw’ is very, very strong. It comes, I think, from the same territory as Auden’s ‘The Shield of Achilles’.
Kevin Saving

…a young and talented poet and one who can move our sense of pity and sorrow in the manner of Hardy
 William Oxley, The London Magazine

Morrison is an out of the ordinary writer… a creative and thoughtful poet seeking to enrich the language
 Gwilym Williams, Pulsar